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Adalberto Diaz CEPC

Execuitive Chef/Founder/ Co-Owner

You may know him as “Chef Al” but to us he is the life force behind it all— our own tenacious tornado. His passion for all things pastry is unsurpassed and his energy is limitless. One of his greatest joys is watching his customers smile when they see and taste his culinary creations. His generosity is unmatched. He is a fierce crusader and will rally with his community for any cause that facilitates true justice and equality for all. He cares deeply for his employees and is constantly taking them right to the edge to extract the absolute best from each of them. If you can stand the “heat” in his kitchen you will come out a better person all around. He is a man of many, many talents and we respect him greatly. Thank you Chef for all your hard work and dedication through the years, for your delicious masterpieces, and for bringing a little bit of Cuba to SLC

Katie R Ray

FOH Manager/Co-Owner

She is a Saint or at least she is for us. If you don’t know Katie Ray then you don’t know F&E. She pushed her way into F&E like no other. She worked free for months when she started cause we had no money to pay her. She is now a majority owner and we wouldn’t be here without her. She literally balances the force. She will promise the sky to our customers and then convince all of us we have to make it happen. Her compassion shelters us and the fear of her motherly wrath keeps us in line. She’s the Yin of our Yang. She is now the manager of our future location in Provo

Maria Manzano

Chef de Cuisne

Oh Maria! What could we even do without you? Maria has been with us from the very beginning. The good times and the bad times. She also have worked with Chef Al for over 14 years. She has our trust like no other. She does anything and everything and be careful, if you’re slow, she’ll push you aside and take over you job. She is smart, funny, loyal and ,like Chef, will tell you what she thinks with no filter. She loves to learn, stay young, keep her family very close. There is always a fight on who gets to take Maria as her right hand. BTW, Chef always wins. Love you Maria!

Yanet Fuentes

Assistant Macaron Chef

Yanet is the the second Cuban in the team. Don’t be fooled by her exterior, she’s the definition of the strong silent type. No one is faster or more efficient than Yanet. Ok, maybe Maria is. She loves her son Alex, her husband and her dog Rambo and of course her entire family. I still remember when she got emotional after having a cup of cafe con leche cause it reminded her of her sister. We are blessed everyday for having her. She’s definitely the queen of our macarons.

Kayla Pham

FOH Manager

Quiet and precise. With Kayla you get consistent service and attention to detail. Our customers love her, and so do we.

Brian Maas

Executive Pastry Chef/Co-Owner

Brian has been with us from almost the very beginning. He has a passion for all things perfect we count on him to achieve the level of consistency you all experience at F&E.  He is also the creator of a few of our items including the blackberry cheesecake.  We are very lucky to have him as part of the team. He recently had a baby girl and also became part of the shareholders team. Congrats for all these awesome years.

Kallie Crisp

Head Pastry Chef

Say hi to Chef Kallie Crisp. She’s been with F&E for over two years right after graduating from UVU She’s definitely a working bee like no other. She loves her cats Captain America and all things Irish every single dessert that we make has been touch by her for the last 2 ½ years. She recently came back from competing as the assistant of a candidate for National Pastry Chef of the Year. It’s great to have her on our team.

Martha Rodriguez

Assistant Pastry Chef

When Martha came to us, over two years ago and she knew very little about baking. She’s now a very important part of our cookie team. She knows all recipes by heart and has grown so much professionally. She’s hard working, super smart, sweet, quiet and loyal to the max. She is a Mom first and foremost. But she also loves traveling, her best friend, chocolate croissants and spreading love. One of the strongest woman we’ve ever met, she faces challenges with caution but with no fear. Martha is definitely here to stay and we couldn’t be happier for that.

Nora Sotelo

Manager Main Street

Nora is certainly a working bee. Since she started with us there was nothing she didn't want to learn. Now she runs a store and she does an amazing job at it. We really can't be more proud of her.

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