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Actions can now be updated while you work on the drawing. Simply update your drawing and your actions will update too. (video: 3:14 min.)XML supports external metadata, drawing properties and attributes. Make changes to your drawing and have those updated changes reflected immediately in XML.Improvements to Trim Area and Keep In Front. Keep the trim of your drawing in front of other objects by placing a limit on the distance it can move and automatically fix the trim when your drawing is edited.Improvements to Path and Trace Commands:Paths can now be traced directly to sub-paths using the Trace Paths to Subpaths command. (video: 2:57 min.)Trace lines can now be traced directly to sub-lines using the Trace Lines to Sublines command. (video: 2:57 min.)Movable hotspots are now supported on all major surfaces of objects.Improvements to Layout:You can now use the measure and hold option when using the layout tool to use a snap distance instead of a measurement.When connecting and disconnecting a layout, you will no longer get a message box prompting you to disconnect objects, but will instead receive a message box with the object number of the disconnected object.When you are working in a layout, you can now press the TAB key to toggle between the tool tips and the command bar.Improvements to Object Counting and Overlays:When you create a new drawing, you can now choose to have the new drawing's creation date and time automatically set to current date and time.Object type labels are now displayed over an active placement option.Improvements to Parameter Values:You can now change a parameter's default value at any time.Improvements to 3D Design:You can now specify a reference point for your 3D solids to create inflections.Improvements to Scrollbars:Several improvements to scrollbars are included in AutoCAD 2.20.Improvements to Drawings:You can now ungroup multiple objects and then use the Group Objects tool to separate them again. (video: 2:59 min.)AutoCAD now displays dimmed objects, including the fill, outline and 3D appearance of a model. When you click a dimmed object 2be273e24d


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