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These beautiful jewels are the crown of our creations. Made with the best quality ingredients they will make you happy just by looking at them and then you try them.....


Beautifully crafted laminated doughs. Make with rich European butter and delicious fillings and toppings. The layers on this items will make you cry.


These tender and flavorful cakes will satisfy your needs without breaking the bank. Only butter was used on the making of these delicious item. Ok, we lied, one of them has bacon fat.


Super flaky puff pastry encases the home made fillings. Recipes from Chef Al's family will take you on a trip to the sunny island he came from.


These custardy cheesecakes are not only loaded with flavor, they are a work of art. Ready to be gifted and sure to impress those with a discernible palate.


We don't make pies. But we make some mean tarts I tell you.



These little cakes will definitely hit the spot. Who needs a whole cake when you can have an endless variety just for you?


Our custards are a little bite of heaven. Aimed to please those with gluten intolerance they are all gluten free and some of them are even dairy free. Sure to satisfy the eye and the palate


The simplest ingredients, the ultimate results. If you ask Chef what he prefers to make above all, his response will be baguettes, for sure baguettes.


We offer a variety of hot and cold beverages. Our coffee is freshly roasted by Millcreek Coffee Roasters just a few blocks away. Try our Cuban specialties.

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